“Art teaches nothing except the significance of life”
(Henry Miller)

Hi! I’m Diletta, I’ve been a qualified tour guide of Florence and its Province and tour leader in Tuscany for over 10 years. “Florence4you” was born to express my great passion for the Florentine art, history and traditions, a love that has always pushed me to keep up-to-date and to increase my knowledge about this amazing city. So now I can transmit all this with enthusiasm to those who wish to visit Florence in a deep, original and never ordinary way: visiting Florence with an official guide will never be the same as reading a book or downloading an App; listening to my words will be a little bit like starting a time travel and discovering all the city’s hidden secrets.



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Highlights of Florence

For those who are visiting Florence for the first time

The Great Museums

Let’s discover together the┬ámain sights of the historical center and visit the Accademia and Uffizi galleries.

The Great Churches

Come with us and explore the largest churches of Florence, don’t miss it!

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