Dante’s Medieval Florence


Dante Alighieri is considered the greatest Italian poet and the father of the Italian language.

His masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy”, was for centuries the basis of the collective idea of Hell (INFERNO), Purgatory (PURGATORIO) and Paradise (PARADISO).

This tour will lead you in the footsteps of Dante and it will recreate the interesting aspects of the Medieval city of Florence, recalling the customs and traditions of that time.

DURATION: 4 hours


  • Piazza del Duomo

  • Medieval District

  • Dante’s House-Museum

  • Palazzo Davanzati

Starting from the train station we walk to the Religious Centre to see the BAPTISTERY dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the place where Dante himself was baptized and where he later took inspiration for writing his Inferno, analyzing the building’s Biblical mosaics depicting the Last Judgment.

We continue our tour to the Medieval district, also known as “Dante’s quarter”, to see typical “Tower-Houses” and ancient palaces dating back to the 12th,13th and 14th centuries, but also Dante’s HOUSE-MUSEUM and his local church: it was here that he first encountered Beatrice, his beloved muse and spiritual guide for whom he wrote The Divine Comedy.

We end our tour at PALAZZO DAVANZATI museum (The Florentine House museum), a magnificent and unique example of a Medieval Florentine house: here you can discover the Medieval daily life in Florence through interesting stories and anecdotes.